Cheese Capital of the World

Wellington was the "Cheese Capital of the World" from around 1868 until about 1910. Since the dairy farms in the area were producing so much milk, something had to be done with it. During this time period, at least 40 cheese factories and dozens of cheese warehouses popped up in and around Wellington. In addition, side industries, such as cheese boxes, were created to support the massive cheese industry. Cheese and butter were shipped out of Wellington on the railroad and ended up across America and even in Europe.

In 1878 alone, 6,465,674 pounds of cheese were shipped out of Wellington along with 1,001,661 pounds of butter. In 1878 dollars, that would be no less than $800,000. One of the largest companies in this industry was Horr, Warner & Company. The president of that firm built a large home on South Main Street, where it still stands today.