Capacity Matters

Why Building Capacity Should Be a Concern

I have made a big case in my letters to the editor about the capacity of the proposed school versus that of McCormick.  Unfortunately, there is not room in a letter to the editor for full explanations about this.  But I feel this is a critical issue and it isn't getting enough attention from the school board, administration and bond committee.  Many school districts have built schools in the past decade - meeting or exceeding Ohio School Facilities Commission (OSFC) guidelines for new school construction - only to find that they wasted millions of dollars on projects that failed to meet the districts' needs.  I will provide examples and links to more information later on this page.  Let me start with a few common questions and answers and follow with an in-depth look at the issue. 

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Why Not a New School?

Unfortunately, this issue has been very divisive among residents of the school district and the alumni of WHS.  Everyone seems to be in agreement that something should be done, but what?  Much press has been given to the plans involving the current bond issue.  The levy committee has gone to great lengths to show why this is a good idea.  But I believe there is a flip-side.  I think there are several points that deserve fair consideration before moving forward with this plan.  Those are below.

Space Lost

Many people are not aware of the size difference between McCormick and the proposed new middle school.  The proposed new school to replace McCormick Middle School is 37% smaller than the present building.  It is actually 15% smaller than Wellington High School.  In fact, the new building would be built with a capacity less than McCormick's enrollment has ever been in the past 16 school years, giving us what could potentially be an undersized building that won't be able to meet our needs.

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Location, Location, Location

I wouldn't say the site of McCormick Middle School is perfect, but it isn't bad.  Though the OSFC report gives McCormick's site just 40 out of 100 points on their 2008 assessment (revised from an earlier 2006 assessment), an OSFC assessment from 2002 gave the site 128 out of 200, or an equivalent 64 out of 100 points.  One issue noted, the proximity of Courtland Street to the playground has been corrected with the repaving of the street.  Another problematic issue, bus and vehicular traffic moving on the playground would be corrected by removing the buses from the bullpen to make room for the new cafeteria and gymnasium.

However, one good thing about McCormick's location is its central location in a residential neighborhood.

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A Pipeline Runs Through It

On the night of Thursday, January 12, 2012 a pipeline that many area residents never knew existed turned things upside down in Wellington.  That is when more than 116,000 gallons of fuel spilled from an 8-inch pipeline owned by Sunoco Logistics.  As you can see from the map below, that pipeline runs right through the property where the district plans to build the new middle school.

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