While I have placed a lot of information on this site, there is much more not included.  I have been careful to present only the information that I can verify.  I have tried to stay to the facts, tell the whole truth, and not overembellish the facts.

The resources used for my statements are included below.  Feel free to browse and form your own opinion.

Wellington Schools Environmental Assessment (asbestos report) - 50MB!

DeJong-Healy Enrollment Projection Report

OSFC - Exceptional Needs Program Description

OSFC - Exceptional Needs Program Guidelines

Ohio House Bill 264 (HB 264)

2012 McCormick OSFC Assessment

2008 McCormick OSFC Assessment

2008 Wellington High School Assessment

2008 Westwood Elementary Assessment

Renovate or Replace? The case for restoring and reusing older school buildings

Role of a Feasibility Study in Historic Schools


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