The first question to ask is, "Can we get assistance for anything other than new construction?"

Yes.  Our school district applied for the Exceptional Needs Program (ENP) through the Ohio School Facilities Commission (OSFC).  According to the ENP guidelines, "ENP does not fund facility repair or renovation unless a portion of the applicant building is suitable for renovation and that renovation will serve to satisfy the facilities needs of the district."

If a plan were developed to demolish the original 1867 portion of McCormick (which contains the cafeteria, kitchen, boiler room, and two classrooms) and replace with new construction, the project may still qualify for renovation and new construction assistance under ENP.

Since McCormick is currently satisfying the facilities needs of the district and will not lose any features (in fact, it may gain a new gymnasium), the ENP would presumably still provide assistance for a combination renovation and rebuilding project.

Wellington would not be the first district to use ENP funding for such a project.  In fact, Elyria City Schools utilized the Exceptional Needs Program to renovate the Washington Building and demolish and rebuild the remainder of Elyria High School.

Here are some links to OSFC/ENP information on the State of Ohio's website:

And a page about Elyria High School's construction:


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